Lyme Disease Misdiagnosis Leads to Unnecessary Suffering for Man

When patients are unable to get proper treatment from a medical professional, it may be due to an incorrect diagnosis. Typically, there may be only one or a few medical professionals involved in a case of misdiagnosis. One man from outside Connecticut who now suffers multiple debilitating symptoms saw nearly 20 doctors before getting the correct treatment for his condition. His family is now left to wonder what might have been if he had received the right diagnosis sooner.

The young man in this story made his living as a landscaper and suffered a tick bite. From this, he developed Lyme disease along with other companion infections, like West Nile virus. His symptoms began mildly — a spasm in one of his fingers, headaches and fever, before then progressing steadily. Eventually, he was suffering from cardiovascular and neurological problems. He saw 16 doctors, including 15 neurologists, before the underlying problem was discovered.

The doctor who properly diagnosed him has had to prescribe several treatments. The young man is now confined to a wheelchair and relies on his parents for care. His parents openly wonder whether, if their son’s Lyme disease had been discovered sooner, his condition would be so severe now. They now dedicate their time to not just caring for their son, but to educating others about the possibility of contracting Lyme disease

In a situation like this, it may be difficult to determine whether one or several doctors were at fault for the misdiagnosis of this young man. If the parents find evidence that any of the medical professionals who treated their son neglected to make a diagnosis that should have been made, they may be able to file a medical malpractice claim against those responsible. A claim that is successfully litigated might mean financial compensation for the man’s family, which could be useful in covering medical and future care expenses. Connecticut residents who think they may be in a similar situation may be able to file such a medical malpractice lawsuit in civil court.

Body: One Family’s Nightmare of Lyme Disease Misdiagnosis”, May 13, 2014

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