Malpractice Case Involving Dentist Ends in Patient Victory

It is very important for dentists to not act negligently when providing care to patients. Patients can suffer great harm when a dentist provides them with negligent care.

Recently, an arbitrator made a decision in a case from California that involved a dentist and allegations of negligence. The case involved a 39-year-old woman who underwent a series of dental procedures in 2009. The procedures reportedly were performed by a dentist from Newport Beach, California. The dentist in question reportedly has done dental work for celebrities.

The woman claimed that the dentist acted negligently during the course of performing dental procedures on her. According to the woman, as a result of this alleged negligence, she suffered pain and had to undergo additional dental procedures and an emergency surgery.

The woman and her husband brought a malpractice lawsuit against the dentist in connection to these allegations. This case was brought before an arbitrator. Recently, the arbitrator made a decision in this case. According to the article on the Daily Pilot’s website which reported this story, the arbitrator ruled against the dentist and granted the couple a monetary award.

No patient should have to suffer harm because a health care professional, such as a dentist, acted negligently during the course of providing him or her with care. Thus, one hopes that dentists are held accountable when they commit negligence like that which was alleged in the malpractice case mentioned above. One also hopes that all dentists make sure to act properly when providing care to patients.

Source: The Daily Pilot, “Newport Beach dentist loses in malpractice suit,” Joseph Serna, June 1, 2012

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