Man Claims Medical Negligence Caused Paraplegia

It is very important for doctors to properly treat the medical conditions their patients suffer from. When doctors negligently fail to do this, it can cause severe harm to their patients’ health. This harm can have major effects on a patient’s life. Recently, in Minnesota, a man has claimed that negligent medical care he received resulted in him becoming a paraplegic.

The case involves a man from Lewiston, Minnesota. Reportedly, the man received care from a medical center in Winona, Minnesota from March of 2009 to May of 2009. The man claims that tests indicated that he suffered from a staph infection. He alleges that, despite this, the center failed to give him medications that are the standard form of treatment for this type of infection.

The man claims that this failure to provide proper treatment led to him developing a spinal epidural abscess. The man alleges that this abscess caused him to become a paraplegic. The man claims that this condition has had many effects on his life.

The man and his wife have now brought a malpractice lawsuit against the medical center and some of its doctors. They claim that the above-mentioned alleged behavior of the center amounted to medical negligence and that this negligence caused the man’s paraplegia.

When hospitals and their staff fail to properly treat patients, it can have major impacts on the patients in question. For example, this type of negligence can sometimes lead to patients developing life-altering conditions, as is alleged in this case. Thus, it is extremely important for medical facilities and doctors to avoid this form of negligence.

Source: Winona Post, “Lewiston couple files suit against Winona Health,” Sarah Elmquist, 6 March 2011

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