Man Claims Surgical Coils Left Inside Him

It is extremely important for hospitals to provide surgical patients with quality care. Particularly, it is important for hospitals to do everything they reasonably can to ensure that tools and materials used during a surgery are not unintentionally left inside of a patient. If hospitals negligently fail to do this, they could be exposing their patients to infections, pain and the possibility of having to undergo additional surgeries to remove left behind objects. No patient should have to be exposed to additional health risks because of hospital negligence.

Recently, a medical negligence case has arisen involving a surgical procedure. The case involves a man who, in February of 2007, went to a hospital in Texas to undergo abdominal surgery.

The man alleges that medical negligence occurred in regards to this surgical procedure. Specifically, he claims that surgical coils were unintentionally left inside of him.

Allegedly, the surgical coils were in the man for over three years before their presence was discovered.

The man has now brought a medical malpractice lawsuit in Texas against the above-mentioned hospital in connection to these allegations. It will be interesting to see how this case is eventually resolved.

Hospital patients can suffer great harm when surgical instruments are accidently left inside of them. Thus, one hopes that hospitals are taking all reasonable steps to prevent surgical instruments from being left behind in patients. One also hopes that hospitals and medical professionals are held accountable when they engage in negligence like that alleged in this case.

Source: Ultimate Montrose, “Patient claims instruments left behind after surgery at Montrose hospital,” Andrea Dearden, 7 Jun 2011

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