Man Says Wrong Drug May Have Caused Vision Loss

Most ordinary citizens do not possess the medical knowledge that trained healthcare workers do. While most would think of a doctor or nurse when considering those who administer treatment, that leaves out an important group — pharmacists. Connecticut families rely on them to properly interpret a doctor’s instructions and give them the correct medicine for their condition. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen and a wrong drug might be administered, as was apparently the case for one out-of-state man.

The man in this story was diagnosed with conjunctivitis by his physician and received a prescription for eye drops to alleviate the condition. When he went to his local pharmacy — a CVS — the pharmacist allegedly gave the man a prescription medicine that is meant for the ear. The man claims that he used the ear drops in his eye, irritating it and causing pain. He says he has now lost vision in one of his eyes.

Apparently, the medicine that the man said he was given has a name that is very similar to the medication he was actually prescribed. He has decided to file a civil claim against CVS CareMark Corp. A friend who is also his legal guardian has said that the man’s quality of life has been negatively affected in a significant context, and he cannot do as much as he used to be able to do. The outcome of the suit is still pending.

Those who find themselves in a similar situation to this man might decide to pursue legal action as this man did. A successful civil claim could result in a victim receiving damages that correlate to the severity of his or her situation. Any money gained could be used to cover unpaid medical bills or other expenses that might result from such an incident. The wrong drug could drastically change the life of a Connecticut family, but there are steps they may be able to take in an attempt to move on with their lives.

Source:, “Houston man sues CVS pharmacy, claiming loss of vision from wrong prescription“, Phil Archer, June 27, 2014

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