Medical Malpractice Suit Filed by Nail Technician Unable to Work

People place a great deal of confidence in the medical professionals that treat them. Considering most Connecticut residents don’t have extensive medical knowledge, they rely on their doctors and nurses to give them the best health care possible. If a physician fails to act when time is of the essence, it can have long-lasting detrimental effects for patients. One out-of-state woman had just such misfortune when — according to her — her doctor neglected to administer proper treatment in a timely manner. She is now suing him for medical malpractice in the hopes that she can regain a sense of normalcy in her life.

The woman worked in a nail salon as a technician. She developed a condition known as a pseudoaneurysm in her arm and sought treatment from her physician. He initially conducted an angiogram — a type of x-ray within blood vessels. Despite swelling and stiffness after the procedure, the doctor waited several hours before performing a surgery to alleviate the pressure in her arm. The woman says that her doctor’s failure to act quickly caused her injury.

The woman says that the procedure rendered her unable to work, increased her medical expenses and caused her great upset — emotionally and mentally. She has filed a medical malpractice claim and named both her doctor and the hospital where the treatment took place. She claims that had her doctor performed the surgery sooner and acknowledged the severity of her situation, she may not have suffered such severe damage to her nerves.

If a Connecticut resident is harmed during a medical procedure and no longer able to work, the repercussions can be catastrophic. A medical malpractice suit that is successfully litigated may result in monetary restitution that could be useful in compensating for lost wages, repaying medical expenses and covering other costs that might arise from the incident. No one should have to suffer from the mistake of a trusted healthcare professional.

Source:, “Nail tech files medical malpractice complaint”, May 12, 2014

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