Medical Technology Must Be Used Properly to Ensure Safety

You expect to be well-taken care of at Connecticut hospitals. However, serious issues can occur, and in some cases these issues are a result of negligence. Technological hazards are just one potential occurrence that can impact patient health and safety. Forbes explains some of the common technological issues that might happen in a health care setting, and how these can prevent you from receiving quality care.

An endoscope is a medical device that is used to diagnose and treat medical conditions by being inserted into the body. These devices must be properly sterilized to ensure bacteria is not passed from one patient to the other, and many devices are difficult to clean properly due to design. As a result, contamination can occur, and if introduced to another patient it could result in serious illness and the need for advanced medical intervention.

Improper training can also play a role in misuse of medical technology. Robotic surgery is becoming increasingly common, and staff must be properly trained to ensure devices are used safely and effectively. While robotic surgery is intended to remove the possibility of human error, mistakes still occur. Staff must be able to communicate efficiently, must be credentialed to use certain devices, and should receive ongoing training on devices.

Some patients need to be moved around a medical facility by staff, and this can result in injury without proper care. Things like lifts must be used correctly to ensure that patients are transported securely, while also keeping staff safe during the process. Additionally, devices can malfunction if not properly maintained, which means staff must remain vigilant regarding upkeep, as well as reporting any issues during usage.

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