Medical Treatment Determined Inadequate in Malpractice Case

Here in Connecticut, residents trust their medical professionals to treat them with the utmost in care when they have a health problem. Sadly, all too often, that trust is compromised as mistakes can happen during medical treatment. In an out-of-state case, a jury found that a man’s physician liable for the loss of the patient’s foot after improper treatment.

The incident began several years ago when the man sought treatment for pain in his leg that came on quickly and without reason. He initially sought assistance at a local emergency room, but two days later, he ended up at the office of the doctor named in the suit. He was not sent to a vascular surgeon until over a week later, after a second visit to the doctor. By then, the surgery to remove a blood clot was ineffective, and a significant part of his foot had to be removed. He suffered lasting damage to part of his leg.

Those representing him argued that, had the man seen a specialist immediately, the amputation would not have been necessary. A jury agreed and returned a verdict in his favor and based on his injuries, medical bills and lost wages. The physician apparently plans to appeal the verdict.

Those who find themselves in a similar situation here in Connecticut may want to pay close attention to this case even though it occurred in another state. Poor medical treatment can happen to anyone and those responsible can be held liable for their mistakes. A successful civil claim could result in financial restitution that could be used for outstanding medical expenses that a victim may incur as well as other damages recognized by our medical malpractice laws. Ideally, no one would ever have to deal with the aftermath of a medical professional’s mistake, but those who do have ways to seek legal redress.

Source:, Jury finds for plaintiff in malpractice suit, No author, Feb. 28, 2014

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