Medication Error Leads to Newborn on Life Support

A mother can usually tell when there is a problem with her child. When a typically mellow infant begins to be cranky, there is often a problem. A mother of a young infant in another state recently noticed her son was not acting like his normal self, so she took him to be evaluated by medical personnel. This is very much like the majority of Connecticut mothers would do. The possibility of a medication error as a result of seeking medical attention would probably be the least of a mother’s concerns at the moment.

It was determined that the infant suffered from meningitis, and he was admitted to the hospital. While in the hospital’s care, it is believed that he became a victim of a medication error. Hospital representatives have stated that the baby was given medication to fight the meningitis infection. However, they claim that the pharmacist made an error, and the child was given an extremely large dosage. It is believed that the dosage error was in excess of 10 times the normally prescribed amount for a child of his age and size.

The infant quickly responded with brain swelling and loss of a heartbeat. He is now being kept on a ventilator. The hospital states that the medication error would have effects on his kidneys or other organs, and that his other medical conditions could be part of the issue with his current condition.

Regardless, this family is now having to make life choices regarding their young son. The medication error is certainly a factor that must be considered. Families in Connecticut, or other states, who find themselves or their loved ones harmed as a result of a medication error may want to seek understanding regarding the legal options that are available to them.

Source:, Weeks-Old Baby Overdosed During Meningitis Treatment: Parents, Vikki Vargas, Jan. 1, 2014