Medication Mix-up Reportedly Occurred at Pharmacy

Recently, reported on a prescription error that reportedly occurred at a pharmacy. The pharmacy in question is a pharmacy in New Jersey.

Reportedly, the error involved prescriptions of fluoride tablets for children. Allegedly, between December 1 and February 20, the pharmacy mistakenly filled some of these prescriptions with a breast cancer drug rather than the fluoride tablets. It reportedly is thought that as many as 50 families may have received the wrong medication for their child. Reportedly, the pharmacy has acknowledged this alleged prescription error.

A preliminary investigation is currently being conducted by New Jersey’s attorney general’s office regarding this alleged prescription error. One wonders what findings this investigation will reach.

Reportedly, no injuries have yet been reported in connection to the alleged medication mix-up. Officials with the pharmacy claim that few children actually ingested the breast cancer drug and a professor at a pharmacy school has said that it is “very unlikely” that taking the breast cancer drug for a short time would cause a child to suffer serious or adverse effects.

Thus, it thankfully appears that this prescription error might not result in anyone suffering serious harm. Sadly, this isn’t always the case when it comes to prescription errors. Prescription errors can sometimes cause a great deal of harm to their victims. Thus, one hopes that all pharmacies do everything they reasonably can to ensure that prescription errors don’t occur. No person should have to be subjected to a prescription error because a pharmacy or pharmacist failed to act properly.

Source:, “CVS mixed up kids’ pills with cancer drug,” Bruce Shipkowski, Mar. 4, 2012

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