Mistakes by Connecticut Medical Professionals Can Be Devastating

Being in need of a new organ is a situation that many individuals in Connecticut and across the country unfortunately find themselves in. Under such circumstances, it is of the utmost importance for medical personnel to treat patients and usable organs with significant care and attention. When a party learns that they may be able to receive a new organ, the situation can be a joyous one. However, if medical professionals make a mistake, the events can turn devastating.

A serious medical situation took place in another state in which a healthy kidney was disposed of by a nurse. Reports indicate that a woman was set to receive her brother’s kidney, but for some indiscernible reason, the kidney was thrown out. As a result, the woman was unable to undergo the transplant as expected, and she had to wait until another, less compatible kidney was available.

Due to the events of the situation, the family sued the hospital for negligence. The parties recently came to a settlement, and the hospital is expected to pay $650,000 in compensation to the affected family. The hospital also fired one nurse in association with the incident, and their kidney donation program was suspended for a time.

As this situation shows, when medical professionals make mistakes, the outcomes can be deeply harrowing. If an individual is negatively affected by the errors of hospital staff, legal action may be a step to consider. Concerned individuals in Connecticut could learn more about their situations and how they could potentially receive reparations for damages suffered due to hospital and staff negligence or other mistakes.

Source: ctpost.com, “Ohio family settles over kidney thrown in trash”, John Seewer, May 29, 2014

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