More Doctors Relying on AI to Make Diagnoses

Connecticut patients may already know that medical errors are one of the top three causes of death in the United States. However, artificial intelligence, which is being relied on more frequently in medical practices, can reduce the number of medical errors being made. In fact, AI systems have shown that they are just as capable of diagnosing skin cancer or even rare eye conditions as are human specialists.

There are certainly some benefits when it comes to using AI systems. For example, patients may be able to receive their diagnoses faster and with reduced cost. Further, AI systems may be able to provide more personalized medicine. On the other hand, there are some downsides. AI systems are expected to be used as an aid and not as a complete replacement when it comes to making diagnoses. As such, the doctor using the AI system may still be held responsible for any errors that the system may make.

The problem is that AI systems use algorithms as the basis for making decisions. As such, doctors cannot necessarily inspect the process the AI system used to come to a diagnosis as the data used is often unavailable to the public. This potentially means that the AI system, the designers of the AI or the organization running the system could be held responsible for any AI errors.

A diagnostic failure could prevent a patient from receiving the timely care and medication that he or she needs, potentially leading to a worsened medical condition or even a poor prognosis. A medical malpractice attorney could evaluate the decisions made by the health care professionals and facility in order to see whether the error constituted actionable malpractice.

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