New Study Seeks to Improve Presurgical Breast MRI Technique

Women in Connecticut about to undergo breast cancer surgery might be interested in the details that go into their surgical planning. A recent study of breast MRIs produced results that suggested that patient positioning during the procedure could influence the accuracy of the scans. Scan data might be distorted when patients undergo the MRI while face down. Scans taken of a patient who is face up might give a surgeon a more detailed view of breast tissues and tumors.

A doctor who reviewed the small study that compared results from 12 patients said the choice to have a patient face down during an MRI arises from the fact that breasts droop in different directions when a person is face up. This difference could also make results unclear. The authors of the study, however, pointed out that surgery is performed on face-up patients. Using a face-down scan while working on a face-up patient could introduce inconsistencies.

The results of the study indicated that “significant deformity” occurred on MRI scans when the patient was face down. Both the tumor’s location within a breast and the shape of the breast appeared different on the scan when compared to a face-up scan.

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