Nursing Home Abuse May Have Been to Blame in Man’s Death

When people think of abuse, typically they think of physical abuse that can leave scars or bruises. They may not immediately think of neglect — when someone responsible for the care of another fails to provide that care — but neglect is a type of abuse. Recently, a case out of state at an elder care facility raised questions of nursing home abuse when several employees were caught on camera neglecting to properly care for a patient. Connecticut families who have older loved ones in nursing homes may want to pay special attention to this story.

A resident in the nursing home had a condition that caused him to be immobile and confined to his bed. A camera was placed in his room that recorded 17 different employees neglecting to give him proper treatment. The employees were not checking on the patient, not providing medication and then lying on official documentation to state otherwise.

At this time, all the employees have been fired by the nursing home, and the patient has since passed away. All the employees are facing criminal charges related to the neglect that was recorded. No accusations have indicated that the employees acted as a collective group or conspired to mistreat the patient.

The state Attorney General has expressed his personal opinion that the employees were not responsible for the patient’s death, but that does not mean that the patient’s surviving family wouldn’t have a right to pursue a wrongful death claim due to nursing home abuse. A successfully litigated claim could be useful in obtaining financial compensation that could go toward any unpaid medical bills, funeral expenses and other costs related to the case. Connecticut citizens who find themselves in a similar situation will want to consider all of their options in order to do what is best for everyone involved.

Source:, “Hidden camera leads to charges against 17 workers at nursing home”, Rachel Kingston, April 25, 2014

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