Nursing Home Abuse Suspected in Death of Patient

When the time comes to determine how to best care for an aging family member, their loved ones may decide that a nursing home is the best facility to meet their needs. If proper care is not fulfilled, the risk of injury to — or even the death of — the older person rises. Nursing home abuse in the form of neglect happens too often; as one out-of-state family discovered, and they say that caregivers are responsible for their loved one’s death. Connecticut families may want to heed the implications of this case.

In this story, a patient in a nursing home was routinely hooked up to a ventilator each night. One evening, a therapist did not follow procedure and neglected to ensure the patient was connected. The older woman stopped breathing and alarms to alert those caring for her began to go off. Despite these alarms, numerous employees did not check on the patient or remedy the situation, resulting in her death.

Nine workers have been brought up on charges that correspond to the resident’s demise. Authorities allege that some of the employees outright lied about checking on the patient. Two people are even accused of attempting to hide the evidence of their mistake by failing to produce electronic records that monitored the ventilator alarm.

Though this case did not happen in Connecticut, families here may find themselves in a similar situation and in need of guidance. They may decide to file a civil claim against those responsible in relation to nursing home abuse. A successful claim could result in financial restitution that may be useful in covering any medical expense, funeral bills or other costs that may arise from a loss like this one. Hopefully, the family of the woman who passed away will be able to move past the circumstances of this tragedy and focus on grieving for their loved one.

Source:, “NY nursing home workers face charges stemming from resident death“, Ellen Wulfhorst, June 5, 2014

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