Nursing Home Abuse Suspected in Freezing Death of Woman

Here in Connecticut, when we think of abuse, we typically think of forms that are direct such as physical or emotional. However, neglect is also considered a form of abuse. If someone is reliant on a caregiver for their most basic needs and that caregiver fails to provide for that person, their behavior is seen as abusive. A recent out-of-state case of nursing home abuse highlights this fact, after a woman froze to death while living at a care facility.

A woman living at a home for Alzheimer’s patients died when she wandered into the facility’s courtyard on a cold night. The attendants who care for the patients are supposed to check on patients at predetermined times each night to ensure that patients are safe. One of the mandatory checks was not done and the missing woman was not discovered for several hours. By then, sadly, she was not responsive to medical attention — she had already frozen to death.

Her husband is rightfully upset by this mistake and has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the nursing home charged with her care. Damages have not been specified, but the man seeks the civil suit in the interest of himself, his daughter and in response to the trauma his wife endured losing her life. The nursing home was found to be in violation of several safety measures that may have saved the woman’s life and authorities are proceeding with the suspension of the facility’s license. The man hopes that this lawsuit will prevent anyone else from having to endure the suffering and sadness that he has had to contend with.

When those who are responsible for the care of loved ones fail to properly do their jobs, families in Connecticut may wish to seek compensation for their loss. Any financial restitution that might be gained from a successful lawsuit could be used to toward unpaid medical expenses, funeral costs and for the pain and suffering of those who are now without a loved family member. Nursing home abuse is particularly upsetting because families may feel they placed their trust in the wrong people. However, there are avenues to justice and ways to make those responsible accountable for their action or, as in this case, inaction.

Source:, Man files civil suit over wife’s freezing death at Longview facility, Barbara LaBoe, Jan. 16, 2014

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