Partial Loss of Limbs May Have Been Caused by Hospital Negligence

Last post, we discussed how important it is for emergency room patients to receive prompt medical care. This is especially the case for young children and infants. This is because certain medical conditions can spread quickly in these young patients and can have devastating effects if they are not treated in a timely manner. This can be seen in a tragic medical negligence case from California.

The case involves a baby girl and her parents. The infant reportedly began to experience discoloration, weakness and fever symptoms last November. In response to these symptoms, the parents took the child to the emergency room of a hospital in Sacramento, California.

The parents and the child reportedly waited in the emergency room for five hours. The parents claim that their child received no medical care from the hospital during this wait. The parents claim that this delay was caused by negligence on the part of the hospital and its staff. The husband allegedly finally resorted to forcing his way into an office to get help for his child.

Reportedly, the child was suffering from a bacterial infection called streptococcus A. By the time the child finally received care for the infection, it had spread to the point where she had to be taken by air to another medical facility.

The widespread nature of the infection required the child to undergo extensive amputations. The child lost all of her left hand, a portion of her right hand and both of her feet. Clearly, these amputations will have a major effect on this young child’s life.

The parents have now sued the Sacramento hospital and its staff, claiming that their negligence led to the young girl’s amputations.

This case shows much harm delays in medical treatment can cause to infants and young children. In this case, an ER delay may have drastically altered a young child’s life. Thus, it is very important for hospitals to not be negligent when it comes to giving young patients timely treatment. If a parent believes that his or her child was harmed by such negligence, he or she should consider seeking advice from a qualified medical malpractice attorney.

Source: KTXL, “Parents Allege Medical Malpractice Led to Baby’s Amputations,” Sam Cohen and Elissa Harrington, 15 Feb 2011

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