Potential Causes of Cerebral Palsy

Connecticut children who suffer brain damage before or during birth are at risk for developing cerebral palsy. This disorder, which is caused by an abnormal development of the brain, can affect the ability to control muscles. There are several risk factors that increase the chance that a child may be affected by cerebral palsy.

Children who are born prematurely at or before 37 weeks or who have a low birth weight of 5 1/2 pounds or less are more likely to be affected by cerebral palsy. If a pregnant woman suffers from an infection during the pregnancy, there is an increased chance that the child could be born with cerebral palsy. Birth complications and some medical conditions that the mother may have can also increase the risk.

There are instances where a child can be affected by cerebral palsy after birth. This type of cerebral palsy, known as acquired cerebral palsy, can occur if a newborn suffers a head injury or has an infection such as meningitis. Other causes can include anything that may interrupt the blood flow to the brain, such as a stroke, a heart defect or a blood clotting issue.

If a newborn suffers a birth injury that results in cerebral palsy or another disorder, the parents may have the ability to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. An attorney may assist with determining if the parents have a case. If grounds have been established, the attorney may help with proving that there was negligence on behalf of the doctors, medical staff or hospital that led to the injury.

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