Preventing Medication Errors by Asking Questions

When patients in Connecticut pick up prescription drugs from pharmacies, they are usually given the opportunity to ask questions of the pharmacist. Although many patients trust their doctor’s recommendation, it is important to be informed about the potential side effects of prescription drugs before taking them. Checking that all of the information on a prescription drug bottle is correct is also a crucial safety precaution.

In hospitals alone, medication errors are the cause of 7,000 deaths each year around the country. Patients who are picking up a prescription can help to prevent a medication mistake by asking if they are at an elevated risk for negative drug reactions. People with certain medical conditions and those who are already taking other kinds of prescription drugs may be in a high-risk category when they add new drugs to their regimen.

Patients should also be aware of the potential side effects of a prescription drug and what reactions they should be looking out for. By understanding how to identify a severe reaction ahead of time, a person will know when they need to go to the emergency room. If there is conflicting information about the correct dosage of a medication, a person should contact their doctor immediately before taking their first dose.

Some prescription drugs can have severe side effects when they are incorrectly prescribed. Patients who have been injured by a medication error may suffer from a range of complications that could aggravate their existing medical condition and cause them to develop new ones. A lawyer may be able to help someone who has gone through this kind of experience to file a medical malpractice claim against all of the parties that were responsible for the prescription error.

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