Proposed Law Could Make It Easier to Discipline Doctors in CT

In a previous post, we discussed how Connecticut’s Medical Examining Board was not as aggressive in taking reciprocal disciplinary actions against doctors who had been disciplined for misconduct in other states as the medical board’s of neighboring states. This trend is worrisome, as it could attract doctors who have been disciplined in other states for misconduct, such as fraud or providing substandard care, to Connecticut. This could potentially expose patients in Connecticut to great harm.

Some have claimed that Connecticut doesn’t take reciprocal disciplinary actions against doctors as much as other states because taking such actions in Connecticut is difficult due to the fact that state law doesn’t authorize the Connecticut Medical Examining Board to recognize the findings of medical boards of other states when considering these actions.

A bill is currently being considered by the General Assembly that is aimed at addressing this problem. The proposed law would give the board authorization to “rely upon the findings and conclusions” of other state medical boards when considering taking reciprocal disciplinary actions against doctors. The hope is that the law will make it easier for the board to take such disciplinary actions.

It will be interesting to see if this bill passes. It will also be interesting to see, if the bill does pass, whether the Connecticut Medical Examining Board does start being more aggressive when it comes to taking reciprocal disciplinary actions against doctors who have committed misconduct in other states. If it does not, it could mean that Connecticut’s leniency regarding these doctors is caused by something other than the state of Connecticut law.

Source: New Haven Independent, “Bill To Tighten Doc Discipline Advances,” Lisa Chedekel, 10 May 2011

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