Report Finds Some Toys on Amazon Lack Proof of Safety

The holiday shopping season is now in full swing. If you are like most parents, online shopping is a much more attractive alternative to pushing your way through crowded stores.

Amazon is one of the top online sites for Christmas shopping. Fast shipping and a huge selection are major perks. Sounds perfect. Did you know that some of the toys for sale on the retail giant’s website may not be safe?

Now during this already hectic holiday season, parents have one more thing to add to their list – keeping an out for dangerous kid’s toys on Amazon.

Reason for Amazon Not Asking for Proof of Safety Documents

Recent reports by news agencies have found that Amazon has let toys go up for sale on its website without all of the proper safety documentation. A blog post from Amazon states that they require all toys to be safety tested and meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission standards.

However, some sellers have been asked about safety documents only after the item was already available to buy online. In some cases, safety information was sought some two weeks after the items had already been available online. That means parents were able to buy toys online that could potentially be dangerous and pose health and safety hazards to their children.

Why would Amazon put the safety of children at risk? One article from CNBC puts it simply: Asking for safety information after the item is already up for sales expands Amazon’s product selection. More competition may also help to lower prices between sellers are they fight for your business.

Amazon maintains that safety is a top priority and comes first.

Guidelines on Selling Toys in the U.S.

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act was put in place in order to protect consumers from unsafe toys. They require all children’s products to adhere to safety procedures such as:

  • The item must be tested by a CPSC-accredited lab.
  • The item must have a written Children’s Product Certificate. This certificate is proof that the item has undergone compliance testing.
  • The item must have permanent tracking information on the item and its packaging.

Potential Liability Issues with Dangerous Toys

There is a reason that there are safeguards in place to protect the public – and especially vulnerable children.

For example:

  • The dangers of lead paint have been widely studied, it is poisonous and causes learning disabilities and behavioral problems in children.
  • Toys may contain small parts that can choke a small child.
  • Cords or strings may be attached that could present strangulation risks.
  • A child could get hurt on sharp parts or lose a finger getting crushed between parts.

There is no shortage of potential accidents that could happen when a toy has not been thoroughly vetted for safety.

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You should be able to trust that the toys you buy your children are safe. If your child is hurt due to a toy that has not been adequately designed, manufactured or tested, you have the right to hold those responsible legally accountable.

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