Rollover Accidents in Stamford

Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents are rank #2 in severity behind #1 head-on-collisions, according to the NHSA. Rollovers equaled 47% of all light-vehicle fatalities from 2010-2016 and 35% of fatal passenger car crashes in 2010.  Sports utility vehicles, are known for rollovers because they are taller, narrower and have higher centers of gravity.

“Tripping,” may cause a rollover.  Tripping is when a car’s tire hits a curb, bump or soft soil that disrupts the forward motion of the car, causing it to roll forward or sideways.  An estimated 95% of one-vehicle rollover accidents are caused by tripping.  Rural roads and excessive speed are also common causes of single-vehicle rollover crashes. Other causes may be a defective design/tires or dangerous roadways.

Unfortunately, Stamford and Fairfield County are no strangers to rollover accidents.  Many area roads/highways are reported scenes for rollover accidents. Because certain vehicles/locations are more susceptible to rollover crashes, it is important for Stamford residents to be cautious.  Here are 2 examples of these serious accidents.

Stamford Firefighters Rescue Entrapped Occupant

Stamford Fire units from the South End Station and the Woodside Station responded to Southfield Ave near the Crab Shell for a flipped vehicle with a trapped occupant. Crews had to use specialized cutting equipment to remove the roof to free the occupant.

1 Dead, 3 Seriously Injured in I-95 Rollover Crash

A Greenwich man died and 3 others were seriously injured in a collision with an overpass on I-95 in Stamford. Commuters were horrified to see the Honda Accord on its roof with its front end crushed. It took Stamford firefighters 30 minutes to extricate the survivors because the force of the crash pushed the engine into the passenger compartment.  The deceased man was riding in the back seat and wasn’t wearing his seatbelt.

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