Routine Surgeries Should Still Require Caution

When children reach their teens, many are faced with having their tonsils removed. This has become such a routine procedure that many teens just expect that they are going to have their tonsils removed no matter what. Some doctors also take preemptive action and suggest a patient gets their tonsils removed even if their medical problems don’t entirely warrant it.

Even though these surgeries are performed everyday across the country, many people can still suffer severe complications. However, because people hear of so many people having them out and returning to their normal lives a week or so later, many don’t hear about the risks and potential surgical errors that can occur.

A girl in another state recently suffered deadly side-effects of having tonsils removed. According to a report, the girl had expected to stay in the hospital overnight, but in this case, the girl started bleeding from her mouth and nose, and later went into cardiac arrest. Doctors have informed her family that she is brain dead and won’t regain consciousness. What caused the cardiac arrest and bleeding is still unknown.

Whatever the exact cause of death, patients should be reminded that there are risks, and surgeons should treat every case differently, not expecting each one to be the same. When doctors get over-familiar with a procedure, they might take shortcuts and fail to treat each patient depending on their unique medical conditions. It is important that patients and doctors work together to identify risks and lessen the likelihood of complications following a procedure. People in Connecticut should understand their rights if they are injured during a surgery.

Source: Time, “Teen Girl Brain Dead After Tonsil Removal Goes Wrong,” Noah Rayman, Dec. 16, 2013

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