Several Medical Professionals Accused of Causing Man’s Injuries

Patients rely on their doctors to give them the best care possible. Doctors, in turn, rely on other medical professionals — nurses, technicians and others — to help them with their duties. If one link in the chain malfunctions, everything can come apart. Caregivers can and do make mistakes and patients are the ones who end up paying the price for that negligence. A recent case highlighted just how important communication between medical professionals is and though it occurred out of state, Connecticut residents can learn from this unfortunate event.

The incident occurred after a man had surgery on his back around 3 years ago. He was still recovering from the procedure and experiencing pain that sent him to a local hospital. He was kept overnight and his physician instructed those in charge of his care to monitor his condition. The man alleges that the nurses caring for him failed to inform his doctor of health changes he experienced. The doctor did not find out about these changes until the next morning and ordered emergency surgery.

The surgery was needed to alleviate pressure on some of his nerves. Due to the lack of communication between those who were taking care of the man, the wait for the surgery caused major complications. The man now suffers from both permanent incontinence and impotence. He and his wife each filed a lawsuit against the hospital where he was treated and a jury returned a verdict in their favor.

This man’s case highlights the need for effective communication between medical professionals. If others here in Connecticut find themselves in a similar situation, they may make the decision to file a civil claim against those responsible. If such a claim were successful, it could result in financial compensation that could be used towards unpaid medical bills, lost wages, future medical expenses or other costs that may result from the error of medical professionals.

Source:, Jury awards $7.5 million to Birmingham couple in lawsuit against Brookwood Medical Center, Kent Faulk, March 4, 2014

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