How to Share the Road with Tractor-Trailer Trucks

If you drive on any of the interstates across the U.S. today, it’s inevitable that you share the road with 18-wheelers (also known as tractor-trailer or semi-trucks).  They are designed for the purpose of transporting goods over long distances efficiently. Due to their size and limited maneuverability, tractor-trailers can cause devastating damage in a collision.

Accidents involving semi-trucks killed more than 6,500 people on U.S. roads in 2018, and injured many more. Keep the following tips in mind when driving near large trucks to minimize the danger to you and those in your vehicle.


  1. Give trucks extra space.

Keep ample distance when driving in front of or behind a large truck. Choose another lane if a semi-truck is following too closely. They need substantially more space to come to a complete stop in an emergency.


  1. Stay out of a truck’s blind spot.

Tractor-trailers have larger blind spots than other vehicles. Follow this rule: If you cannot see the truck’s mirrors, the driver can’t see your vehicle. Keep yourself visible.


  1. Pass with care.

Never cross the double yellow line. If you must pass a tractor-trailer, always do so on the left. Don’t cut the truck off by re-entering the lane closely in front of it.


  1. Keep size in mind.

A semi-truck can weigh as much as 16x more than a car/SUV. It may also be carrying dangerous chemicals that could turn an accident into a disaster. Also, be sure to stay in your own lane.  Semi-trucks are wide and need the full width of their lane.


  1. Use common sense.

Check your mirrors regularly. Stay alert at all times. Don’t use your cell phone while driving.


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