Software Helps Pharmacists Detect Medication Errors

Connecticut patients can be seriously injured by medication errors such as an incorrect dose, an incorrect drug use or a dangerous drug combination. To prevent medication errors from occurring during medication preparation, pharmacists use software called DoseEdge Pharmacy Workflow Manager. Since it was released in 2008, the Baxter software has processed 72 million medication doses and detected over 3 million potential errors.

To detect potential errors in medication preparation, DoseEdge works in tandem with barcode scanners, gravimetric devices and other kinds of medication preparation hardware that is used by pharmacists. The automated system inspects and tracks medication doses that are prepared for oral or intravenous administration and intercepts potential errors. Nearly 40 percent of the potential medication errors that have been detected by DoseEdge were related to incorrect drug use.

A spokesperson for Baxter said that DoseEdge is designed to help pharmacists prepare medications accurately and efficiently. Though the software can detect potential errors and allow pharmacists to double-check their work, it cannot replace a pharmacist’s expertise and judgment. Every year, around 1.2 million adverse drug events in the U.S. are linked to injectable medications. Many of these medication errors occur when pharmacists are compounding medications.

Patients can be seriously injured if they are given the wrong medication, especially when the medication is administered to them intravenously. An attorney may be able to represent a patient who was injured by a medication error in a medical malpractice lawsuit. Depending on the nature of a patient’s medication-related injury, the injured patient may pursue financial compensation from a pharmacist, doctor, hospital or several different parties.

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