Some Horrifying Medical Mistakes

Hospital errors happen across the globe. What some people might not realize is that doctors are sometimes the cause of fatalities. Connecticut patients may want to be more vigilant after learning of some of the most horrifying medical malpractice lawsuits that have been filed.

A 73-year-old minister from West Virginia had surgery for continuous abdominal pain. His surgical team did not administer anesthesia to put him to sleep, so he was aware throughout the entire procedure and felt all of the discomfort, pain and pressure. Two weeks later, he reportedly committed suicide because of the trauma. A female patient’s doctors said she had cancer in the left side of her jaw and only had three to six months to live. To gain another three months, the doctors suggested removing that side of her jaw. Three months post surgery, the doctors said she was cancer free. However, she never had cancer and was disfigured for nothing.

A 36-year-old man from Arizona was in an assisted living facility after suffering a traumatic brain injury when he died. The cause of death was ketchup packets, paper towels and plastic bags in his stomach. His wife filed a lawsuit for $11 million. At Tampa’s University Community Hospital, a surgeon was amputating a 52-year-old man’s leg, but it was the wrong leg. The surgeon lost his medical license for six months and was ordered to pay a $10,000 fine. In addition to the hospital paying the patient $900,000, the surgeon gave him $250,000 voluntarily.

Some of these hospital errors, like operating on the wrong body part, are referred to within the medical community as “never events”, because they are entirely preventable and thus should never happen. Victims of this type of negligence may want to have legal assistance when seeking compensation for the losses that have resulted.

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