Steps to Reduce Risk of Medical Negligence Injury

The goal may be curing illness and preventing death, but hospital errors are responsible for an estimated 400,000 fatalities each year. Connecticut residents intending to use hospital services can prepare in advance to reduce the risks of becoming part of this statistic. Others may simply want to understand the risks in the event they are called to look after a loved one facing emergency admittance to a health care facility.

Hospital-derived infections are one of the common forms of medical negligence. Forgetting to wash hands in between each visit with a patient and failure to properly sterilize all equipment are mistakes that can result in a patient’s condition becoming adversely affected. Patients and their loved ones can help stop this threat by ensuring all staff wash their hands before performing routine checks and other procedures.

Another leading risk is that of doctor error involving prescribed medications. If at all possible, the patient or loved one can provide the physician with all supplements and medications currently being taken. For those entering a hospital voluntarily, patients are within their rights to confirm that coordination between the physician and their primary care doctor.

Medical negligence covers a wide range of errors that could result in a serious injury to a patient. Doctors and health care staff are trained in patient safety protocol and expected to always uphold the trust and safety of patients with rigorous practice. Their failure to do so could mean financial hardship through increased medical expenses as a result of a medical error that leaves a family devastated. Pursuing a medical malpractice claim with a lawyer’s assistance may be an available option for patients and families who wish to be compensated for the damages that they have sustained.

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