Study Shows High Number of Patients Suffer Misdiagnosis Each Year

People across the country rely on medical professionals to keep them healthy and treat any ailments they have. This requires open communication between everyone involved to ensure that maladies are treated properly. However, instances of misdiagnosis still occur all too often, to citizens here in Connecticut and all over the nation. A recent study uncovered a troubling statistic on just how often a misdiagnosis can occur.

The statistic was calculated during a study of patient safety. It showed that 1 in every 20 adults are incorrectly diagnosed while receiving treatment in a doctor’s office or outpatient facility. Studies similar to this have only measured the misdiagnosis rates in hospitals, but this new information reveals the risk that patients face in settings that may not seem as serious. The study also estimated that half of these cases could be of major consequence to the patient’s health, and could affect around six million people. The risk results from not properly treating the actual condition, whether the wrong treatment is administered or there is a postponement of treatment.

Some medical experts say that a failure to properly diagnose could result from a doctor rushing through an examination. Patients could experience severe injury or even fatality from the mistake of a medical professional who did not take the time to properly analyze their condition. They encourage patients to be proactive and communicate effectively with their healthcare professional.

If a family here in Connecticut believes that a loved one has suffered due to the negligence of a medical professional, filing a medical malpractice claim could be beneficial. Such a claim could result in financial compensation that could be used for unpaid medical bills or other costs that might arise from a situation of misdiagnosis. It could help a grieving family begin to move forward with their lives.

Source: CBS Houston, “Study: 12 Million Americans Misdiagnosed Each Year“, April 17, 2014

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