Surgical Errors Cost a Woman Her Legs

When a Connecticut patient needs surgery, he or she must place trust in the physician who performs the procedure. Patients are reassured by the professionalism and training of their surgeon that they will be in good hands. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen, and surgical errors do occur. For example, a woman living out of state recently lost her legs due to an error that occurred during what should have been a routine procedure.

The woman was having surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy, which is when pregnancy develops outside the womb. During the procedure, doctors allegedly punctured her intestine, and this caused her to get a serious infection, leading to gangrene. When she was discharged from the hospital after surgery, she was still in severe pain. She went back to the hospital a few days later, and doctors were forced to amputate her legs. She also has lost most of her hearing due to the effects of the infection.

Three doctors were named in the medical malpractice suit. The hospital made several attempts to have the suit dismissed, but eventually the jury sided with the woman and awarded her a large sum. The hospital says it does plan to appeal the decision. The young woman now has money to cover outstanding medical costs and any future expenses she may have due to the decrease in her quality of life.

When a physician or hospital makes an error, the consequences can be disastrous for patients. If a Connecticut resident finds themselves in a similar situation to that of this woman, they may wish to file a civil claim. Monetary restitution from a successful claim could be used toward medical bills, lost wages and for any pain and suffering that the victim may have to endure. Surgical errors cannot be reversed, but there are ways to manage the outcome.

Source:, Jury awards $62 million to Brooklyn mom who lost her legs in botched procedure at Winthrop University Hospital, Oren Yaniv, Jan. 10, 2014

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