Surgical Errors of Two Doctors Blamed for Man’s Injuries

Medical professionals are entrusted with the lives and well-being of their patients, and those who live here in Connecticut are no exception. When a doctor or other healthcare provider makes a mistake, it can sadly result in injury or even a fatality. Recently, a couple from out of state decided to pursue civil claims relating to surgery performed on the husband and the harm he says he sustained due to surgical errors.

The man, who is a university professor, underwent hernia surgery at a hospital affiliated with a different university. The man now says that the two surgeons who operated on him made a mistake and severed one of his arteries. He claims that they did not properly administer corrective treatment. Reportedly, they failed to contain his bleeding and used a mesh that was unsuitable for his condition. The man also maintains that he sustained nerve damage afterwards.

He is suing both of the doctors and the state where the university hospital is located. The man’s wife has also filed suit, with both of them claim a significant impact on their quality of life. A trial has not been set.

If anyone here in Connecticut found him or herself in a similar situation, it may make sense to assess the viability of filing a civil suit against the medical professionals deemed responsible for any surgical errors. Medical mistakes can be costly to patients, both financially and with respect to one’s quality of life, and a successfully litigated claim may help ease the burden of those costs. No one should ever have to suffer due to the negligence of someone trusted with the care of another person.

Source:, Man suing state and UIHC for alleged medical malpractice, No author, Feb. 24, 2014

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