The Importance of a Timely Diagnosis

For Connecticut patients with Lyme disease, it may be months or years before they are properly diagnosed. This is in large part because Lyme mimics the symptoms of other conditions such as ALS or rheumatoid arthritis. Common symptoms include depression, insomnia and muscle pain. One of the reasons why it can be so hard to diagnose is because a tick bite that leads to Lyme could occur in a spot on the body that is hard to see.

One of the ways to determine if an individual has Lyme is through a blood test. Generally, those who get the condition will feel like they have the flu, but it could lead to permanent cognitive impairment if not caught and addressed early. Another disease that presents symptoms that are similar to other illnesses is Celiac disease. Individuals who have this autoimmune disorder that involves an intolerance to gluten. Sufferers may experience gas, joint pain and anemia. If not caught in a timely manner, it may be necessary to have surgery to remove a portion of the small intestine.

Women who experience pain and excessive bleeding during their menstrual cycle may have a condition called endometriosis. It effects up to 20 percent of the female population, and it can result in infertility and other reproductive issues. This condition is often misdiagnosed because it may be assumed that pain or bleeding is associated with the typical menstrual cycle. Painful intercourse or pain when going to the bathroom could be signs of the condition.

Patients who are harmed by a misdiagnosis may wish to consult with an attorney. Legal counsel may be able to gather evidence that may establish that a physical condition was made worse because of a doctor’s error. If the misdiagnosis rose to the level of negligence, the attorney could assist the patient in seeking compensation for medical bills and other losses.

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