The Importance of Correct Mild TBI Diagnosis in Connecticut

While it is important to correctly diagnose any brain trauma, it is also important not to overdiagnose mild traumatic brain injuries. First, there is a stigma that goes along with the phrase brain damage that may not necessarily mean that a patient is permanently disabled. Second, diagnosing someone with a second or third brain injury could cause that person to evaluate his or her career choice even if the injury won’t cause long-lasting or permanent damage.

Lastly, diagnosing an individual with a brain injury may make it harder to determine whether future symptoms were caused by the injury or by something else completely. For instance, if a patient’s symptoms were attributed to a mild head injury, he or she may not be tested for mental health or other issues. This could result in a misdiagnosis that could be detrimental to the patient’s long-term health.

With new and better technology being used by doctors and other medical professionals, it is possible to see more of the human body than ever before. In some cases, this could lead to tests showing small changes in the brain that may or may not be a signal of a serious brain injury. Although doctors live in a risk averse era, it is generally better to get the diagnosis right as opposed to overdiagnosing out of fear.

A person whose condition gets worse due to a medical professional’s failure to diagnose a head injury or another condition may want to consider pursuing legal action with the assistance of an attorney who has experience in medical malpractice litigation. Legal counsel can review a patient’s medical records and obtain the opinion of experts in order to determine whether there was a failure to exhibit the appropriate standard of care.

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