Verdict Reached in Case Involving Allegations of Failure to Refer

Knowing when to ask for help can be a very important thing. It can particularly be important in the medical field. When a Connecticut medical professional fails to refer a patient to a specialist in a situation in which they should have, the patient can suffer substantial harm. For example, such negligence can result in a condition a patient has not being diagnosed and treated as soon as it should have been. One hopes that, when a doctor commits negligence regarding referrals or other medical negligence, the doctor is held responsible for the impacts of the negligence.

Recently, in another state, a jury reached a verdict in a case involving an alleged negligent failure to make a referral.

The case involves the care a girl who is now five received when she was an infant. According to the girl’s family, shortly after the girl was born, she was twice examined at a doctor’s office in Maryland. The girl’s family alleged that, at both examinations, the girl was noted to have a high heart rate.

The girl’s family claimed that the girl should have been referred to a specialist in relation to this high heart rate, but was not. According to the girl’s family, this referral failure led to a delay in a heart condition the girl had being detected. Purportedly, this condition eventually caused a heart stoppage that resulted in the girl suffering brain damage.

The girl’s family filed a medical malpractice lawsuit in relation to these allegations. A decision was recently made by the jury in this case. The jury ruled in favor of the girl’s family and awarded them a multi-million dollar judgment.

Source: The Cumberland Times-News, “Jury renders multi-million verdict in malpractice lawsuit,” Matthew Bieniek, Oct. 25, 2013