Verdict Reached in Case Involving Surgeon Who Put Off Gallbladder Surgery

Recently, a verdict was reached in a wrongful death case that involved allegations of medical negligence.

The case was from Alabama. The case involved a man who received medical care in November and December 2008 in connection to gallbladder pain he was experiencing.

The man’s wife claimed that a surgeon committed negligence during the course of this care. Specifically, the man’s wife alleged that the surgeon negligently put off performing a gallbladder surgery on the man. According to the man’s wife, the man should have been given the surgery and the doctor’s reasons for putting off the surgery were not valid ones.

The man’s wife alleged that the surgeon’s alleged negligence led to the man dying. The man’s death occurred on Dec. 25, 2008.

The man’s wife sued the surgeon in relation to these allegations. After a 17-day trial, the jury in this case reached its decision. The jury ruled in favor of the man’s wife and granted her a large monetary award.

This case underscores one particular type of medical negligence: negligent delay of treatment. When a medical professional is caring for a patient, it is very important for the medical professional to provide the patient with appropriate treatment in a timely manner. When a medical professional engages in negligence which results in a delay in a patient receiving proper treatment, it can cause great harm to the patient. As the above-mentioned case shows, such negligence can sometimes even result in a patient’s death.

No patient should have to suffer harm or lose his or her life because a medical professional acted improperly when providing him or her with care. Thus, one hopes that medical professionals are held accountable when they subject a patient to a harmful negligent delay in treatment or other harmful medical negligence.

Source:, “Jefferson County jury awards $3 million to widow in medical malpractice lawsuit,” Kelsey Stein, April 11, 2013

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