Verdict Reached in Medical Malpractice Case

Patients can suffer great harm when mistakes are made regarding medications or solutions they are given. Thus, it is extremely important for medical professionals to exercise appropriate care when administering medications or solutions to patients.

Recently, a verdict was reached in a medical malpractice case in New York involving the administration of a solution.

The case involved a woman who reportedly went to a New York hospital in 2004. The woman allegedly had very low sodium levels.

The woman was then reportedly given a sodium solution. The woman and her husband alleged that the sodium solution was not administered in the way that it should have been. Specifically, they claimed that the solution was infused quickly, when it should have been infused slowly.

The woman and her husband claimed that the woman suffered a brain injury as a result of this alleged treatment error.

The woman and her husband brought a medical malpractice lawsuit against a doctor, a nurse and the hospital in connection to these allegations. A jury in New York heard this case and recently reached a verdict. The jury ruled against the doctor, nurse and hospital, and awarded the woman and her husband a large monetary judgment.

While this medical malpractice case occurred in New York, it demonstrates a point that is worth keeping in mind in all states. This point is that patients can suffer great harm when medical professionals fail to provide them with proper care when it comes to the administration of a solution or medication.

Source: Times Herald-Record, “$34M malpractice award,” Heather Yakin, 13 Jul 2011

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