Verdict Reached in Medication Overdose Case in Connecticut

It is incredibly important for hospitals and doctors here in Connecticut to act properly when it comes to the dosage of medications given to patients. It can be very harmful when a medication isn’t given in the right dose. Too low of a dose may cause a medication to not have the intended effect and to not work as a treatment. Meanwhile, too high of a dose can result in a patient suffering an overdose. Patients can suffer significant injuries from a medication overdose. One hopes that doctors and hospitals are held accountable when they cause patients harm by acting negligently in relation to the dosage of a medication.

Recently, here in Connecticut, a jury reached its verdict in a case involving a medication overdose and allegations of medical negligence.

The case involved a Connecticut hospital. In October 2007, a woman received care at the hospital for a urinary tract infection. According to the woman, the hospital gave her the drug Lovenox during this care. The woman alleged that the dose she was given was too high and caused her to suffer an overdose. The woman claimed that the overdose caused her to have to undergo multiple medical and surgical procedures and that the injuries she suffered from the overdose will have life-long impacts on her.

The woman sued the hospital in connection to the alleged overdose. After a trial was held, the jury in this medical malpractice case issued a verdict in favor of the woman. They awarded her a large monetary judgment.

Source: The Hartford Courant, “Southport Woman Awarded $9.3 Million In Medical Malpractice Suit,” Hilda Muñoz, Oct. 25, 2013

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