Verdict Reached in Misdiagnosis Case

Recently, in another state, a jury reached its decision in a case involving an alleged diagnosis error.

The case involved a now-deceased woman from Illinois and care she received from a doctor in relation to abdominal and back pain. The woman’s family alleged that, during the care, the doctor negligently misdiagnosed the woman and failed to take certain actions that he should have (such as having additional tests conducted).

According to the woman’s family, the doctor’s misdiagnosis led to the woman dying from a bowel obstruction. The woman died in March 2007.

A lawsuit was brought by the woman’s family against the doctor and an emergency services group in relation to the alleged negligent misdiagnosis. A trial was held and the jury found in the family’s favor and granted them a monetary award.

As can be seen from this case, negligent misdiagnoses can have devastating, and even deadly, consequences.

Occasionally, misdiagnoses occur here in Connecticut. When a misdiagnosis occurs and a patient subsequently suffers a negative outcome, there are many important questions to ask. Did the medical professionals the patient received care from stray from the standard of care that applies to them? If so, was the misdiagnosis the result of this deviation? Did the misdiagnosis cause the negative outcome or prevent the patient from having the chance at a more positive outcome? Medical malpractice attorneys can investigate these questions and help a patient or their family figure out if a medical malpractice claim can/should be pursued in relation to a given misdiagnosis.

Source: The Madison-St. Clair Record, “Edwardsville attorney wins $2.4 med mal verdict in Williamson County; Award is said to be court’s second largest after ‘Avery’,” Heather Isringhausen Gvillo, Nov. 26, 2013

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