Verdict Reached in Surgical Error Case

Surgeries can help with a wide variety of medical problems. However, there are certain risks that come along with undergoing a surgical procedure.

Given that surgeries already carry some risk, one would hope that all surgeons, when performing surgical procedures, would make sure to not engage in negligence which would expose patients to additional risk. Sadly, surgeons do not always live up to this hope.

Recently, a jury reached its decision in a medical malpractice case that involved allegations of surgical negligence. The case was from Illinois.

The case involved an elderly woman who underwent an orthopedic surgery in July 2009. Reportedly, the procedure was aimed at treating the woman’s carpal tunnel syndrome.

The woman alleged that the surgeon who performed this surgery accidentally cut one of her nerves during the procedure and that this accidental nerve cutting was a negligent surgical error. According to the woman, she sustained nerve damage as a result of this alleged negligence.

A lawsuit was brought in a court in Illinois by the woman in connection to these allegations. The above-mentioned surgeon and a medical practice were named as defendants in this lawsuit.

As we mentioned above, a verdict was recently reached in this case. The jury found in favor of the woman and granted her a monetary judgment.

As this case illustrates, surgical errors can cause significant harm to patients. No patient should have to be subjected to harmful surgical negligence.

If a person has been hurt by surgical negligence or other medical negligence, he or she may wish to consider consulting with an experienced medical malpractice attorney to discuss what options are available for pursuing relief.

Source: The Plainfield Patch, “Plainfield Surgeon Guilty of Medical Negligence; Patient Awarded $1 Million,” Shannon Antinori, June 25, 2013

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