Virtual Connections Reduce Misdiagnoses

The health care industry has become a complicated network of doctors and specialists. Patients are often required to visit first with their primary doctor and then one or more specialists in order to get a clear diagnosis. This can become a major headache for Connecticut residents who may not have nearby access to specialists. If they cannot reasonably see a specialist, then it is left to their primary care physician to make the best diagnosis possible. This often leads to problems that could be avoided.

Technology has stepped in to address these issues at many hospitals and clinics. Patients and doctors can choose to get a virtual second opinion on a diagnosis, symptoms or test results. Relevant files on a case are prepared by the primary care physician and then forwarded to whatever specialists may be needed to help reach the best diagnosis and care plan. The patient often doesn’t have to travel anywhere or meet with the providers in person.

Patients may be relieved that this problem not only reduces their hassle but also helps to alleviate one of the major causes of misdiagnoses in the industry. A single doctor is often not able to retain all of the knowledge and expertise needed for patient care. Specialization is increasingly common in the industry as medical knowledge grows ever broader. This demands greater networking solutions for patient care, especially for those patients who may live away from major cities.

Despite this good news, misdiagnosis is still a major concern in the health care industry. Millions of diagnostic errors are made each year. This wastes money and resources. It often causes undue harm to patients by subjecting them to procedures they don’t need. A patient who is harmed due to misdiagnosis may file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the physician responsible.

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