Was Nursing Home Abuse to Blame in Death of Connecticut Patient?

Some Connecticut families face the decision of how to best care for aging family members. Many of them may decide that having the elderly person live in a nursing home or assisted living facility is the best choice, but unfortunately, things do not always go as planned. Recently, four nursing homes in this state came under fire for various troubling situations, even resulting in the death of one patient and raising the question of possible nursing home abuse.

The case involving the death of the patient resulted from what authorities say was the negligence to properly document changes in the patient’s condition. The resident in question was supposed to be monitored for certain symptoms, but records do not show whether a doctor was notified when those symptoms actually presented themselves, nor was any follow up examination performed. The resident was admitted to a local hospital when the symptoms became severe but did not survive. While no physical abuse was documented, many experts consider neglect to be a form of abuse.

The other cases involved troubling incidents, but no fatalities. One resident was not properly monitored and suffered injuries from a fall. Another nursing home was fined for injury to one patient and neglecting to prevent another resident from touching other residents in an unwanted manner. The fourth facility was accused of an incident of verbal abuse by a staff member to a patient. Though not all of these incidents resulted in physical injury, they could be cause for concern from the families of the patients.

Some of these families — including the family of the patient who died here in Connecticut — may make the decision to file a civil claim. A successful claim could mean monetary compensation which could be used for further care to the surviving victims, funeral expenses for the deceased patient and other financial losses that may be relevant in these situations. No one wants their loved one to suffer nursing home abuse, but if it occurs, there are ways to pursue justice.

Source: nhregister.com, “4 Connecticut nursing homes cited after resident dies“, Kate Farrish, April 9, 2014

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