When Birth Injuries Upend Life for an Entire Family

On this blog, we have written about many different aspects of birth injuries and the consequences associated with mistakes that are made during delivery. From brain trauma to cerebral palsy, these injuries are often devastating for mothers and their children. However, the wide range of consequences that these injuries cause should not be overlooked. From financial challenges to extreme emotional distress, our law office knows how hard birth injuries can be for an entire family in Stamford and other parts of Connecticut.

When a birth injury occurs, those in the delivery room may be devastated. On top of a newborn sustaining an injury or even passing away, the emotional pain can be overwhelming. After the injury, all sorts of challenges may arise that could have a negative impact on the whole family. For example, a family may have a hard time with hospital bills or costs associated with therapy for cerebral palsy. The injury may necessitate taking time off work and additional driving, which can add even more strain to a family’s finances.

Sometimes, families are not ever able to fully recover from the sense of pain and loss that a birth injury creates. When the negligent actions of a medical professional are responsible for a birth injury, the person must be held accountable. Sadly, birth injuries will continue to happen and leave newborns and their mothers with problems that should have been avoided. Our birth injuries section offers more material related to the consequences of negligence during the delivery process.

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