Wocl Leydon – E-blast – Martin Luther King Holiday

Today is a day when we all pause to celebrate a man whose life affected more than one singular group of people, but in some way or another affected us all.  His willingness to take risks, to challenge the status quo and to cause those in positions of power to be uncomfortable, allowed many to have the opportunity to take charge of their own lives, to live lives with more hope, as well as to help create a world that was far better for their children than the one they had been raised in.  He taught us all about true equality and what it meant to see past the color of a person’s skin to their character, their gifts and their intellect.  And, he helped us all to see the importance of living lives filled with hope, opportunity and truth.

It is because of his great sacrifice that we have all been blessed with these gifts and opportunities.  Martin Luther King, Jr. made our world a better place simply by his being a part of it.  Today we not only celebrate the man, but the movement he started, the opportunities he created for us and the risks he was willing to take for all of us in order that we would become a better nation.

Today the Wocl Leydon Family would like to pause and remember this great man for his courage, his vision and his sacrifice.  We hope that you are able to take a few moments today to reflect on how this great man affected you as well.

It is with all our best that we hope you enjoy this day of remembrance.

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

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