Woman Accuses Hospital of Contributing to Husband’s Death

Sometimes, when a patient is staying at a hospital in connection to a condition or a procedure, his or her vital signs will change or he or she will show a new symptom. Patients can suffer extreme harm if this occurs and the medical professionals who are providing them with care fail to respond to such changes in a prompt fashion.

Thus, it is extremely important for hospitals to make sure that patients are properly monitored. Adequate patient monitoring can play a major role in ensuring that hospital staff are able to promptly respond to any changes in a patient’s condition.

Recently, a wrongful death case involving patient monitoring has arisen. The case involves a man who stayed at a West Virginia hospital in December of 2007 after undergoing a procedure related to a mass that was discovered on his adrenal gland.

The man’s wife claims that the hospital acted negligently in regards to the man. Specifically, the wife claims that the hospital failed to properly monitor the man after he underwent the above-mentioned procedure. The man also allegedly did not receive proper pain management after the procedure.

Reportedly, during the man’s stay, hospital staff found him lying on his bed, with his breathing stopped. After this happened, it was reportedly discovered that the man had suffered an anoxic brain injury. The man reportedly died a week later.

The man’s wife alleges that the man’s injury and death were caused by the above-mentioned hospital negligence. The wife has recently brought a wrongful death lawsuit in West Virginia against the hospital in connection to these allegations.

The allegations in this case demonstrate how harmful it can be when hospitals do not properly monitor their patients. When hospitals negligently fail to adequately monitor patients, it can lead to delays in changes in a patient’s medical condition being addressed. This can have dire consequences for patients. Thus, one hopes that all hospitals take care to properly monitor their patients.

Source: The West Virginia Record, “Woman sues Cabell Huntington Hospital, others for husband’s death,” Kyla Asbury, 5 May 2011

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