Working Through Grief After a Wrongful Death

The death of a close friend or loved one is one of the hardest things to deal with, no matter who you are or who you have lost. When that death occurs through negligence or an avoidable accident, it can be even harder to take because you may be adding anger, confusion and shock to the grief you feel. The legal team at Wocl Leydon respects your feelings. We work compassionately with many survivors who need legal help, whether that entails medical malpractice, medication errors or wrongful death.

According to the American Psychological Association, everyone handles death in a different manner. It may take several months or even longer to adjust to the loss. Grieving is an essential part of the process of coming to terms with the death, and you should be given the time and freedom to cope with the loss in your own way. Research proves that most survivors will deal with their loss and recover on their own when they have the support and time they need to do so.

As long as a survivor continues to socialize and maintain healthy habits, healing typically follows. Some actions that can help the process include:

  • Talking it over: Lean on your support system–that is what they are there for and they want to help. Talking about it with people you trust can help you begin to understand and face the loss.
  • All feelings are right: You may go through a range of different feelings throughout the process, including sadness, depression, anger, frustration, even relief. Whatever you feel is normal.
  • Help others: Reach out to those in your same situation; it can help both of you to talk about it and both of you will feel better just by helping each other.
  • Celebrate their life: Honor your loved one and your memories of them by planting a garden, making a collage of favorite times with them or something similar. You will be acknowledging your relationship and celebrating it at the same time.

You can count on our legal team to be sensitive to your needs during this trying time, as we work through any legal matters you may have. To learn more about wrongful death, view our webpage.

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