Wrongful Death Case Involving Doctor Settled

A settlement was recently reached in a wrongful death case from another state that involved allegations of negligent conduct by a physician.

The case centered on an Iowa man who died in June 2007. According to the man’s wife, the man’s death was caused by a burst diverticulitis sac that was the result of a digestive disease.

The man’s wife claimed that the conduct of a doctor that provided care to the man significantly contributed to the death. According to her, prior to his death, the man complained to the doctor about certain health troubles he was experiencing, but the doctor ignored these complaints and failed to provide the man with proper treatment for the health problems.

In relation to these allegations, a lawsuit was brought by the man’s wife. As we previously said, the lawsuit was recently settled. Under the settlement’s terms, the physician’s group the above-mentioned doctor is a part of will make a monetary payment to the woman.

There are many important decisions that can come before individuals here in Connecticut who are pursuing a wrongful death claim in relation to alleged misconduct by a medical professional. One such decision is whether or not to accept a settlement offered by a defendant. The complex nature of medical malpractice cases makes it so there are generally a wide variety of factors that need to be kept in mind when making decisions regarding settlement offers. Medical malpractice attorneys can provide advice to individuals when it comes to all aspects of medical negligence-related wrongful death claims, including settlement offer decisions.

Source: The Des Moines Register, “State settles lawsuit alleging negligence by U of I doctor,” Feb. 25, 2014

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