Wrongful Death Lawsuit Brought in Connection to Heart Surgery

Sometimes, an individual will develop a heart condition. Such a condition will sometimes lead to a person having to undergo heart surgery.

Heart surgeries can be incredibly complex and a mistake during any of the steps of such a surgery can have significant impacts on a patient. Errors during heart surgery can sometimes even lead to a patient’s death. Thus, it is incredibly important for doctors here in Connecticut to not act negligently in relation to heart surgeries. One hopes that doctors are held responsible when they act improperly in regards to a heart surgery and such conduct results in a patient getting hurt or losing his or her life.

Recently, a case has arisen involving a heart surgery and allegations of negligence. The case is from another state, Nebraska. The case involves a man who underwent a heart surgery in September 2011. Nine days after the surgery was performed, the man died.

The man’s family alleges that negligence occurred in relation to the surgery and that the man’s death was the result of this negligence. According to the man’s family, during the surgery, a chest tube was negligently placed through the man’s colon. The man’s family further claims that, after the surgery, some steps that should have been taken to address the results of this surgical error were not.

A lawsuit has been brought by the man’s family in relation to these allegations. Two doctors and a surgical group have been named as defendants in this wrongful death lawsuit. One wonders what will ultimately happen in this surgical negligence case.

Source: Courthouse News Service, “Family Claims Surgical Error Was Fatal,” Joe Harris, Sept. 23, 2013

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