Wrongful Death Suit Brought by Family of Elderly Woman

When families decide that they cannot personally care for elder members, they often turn to the Connecticut medical community for assistance. The trust that is placed in these healthcare professionals is important to the safety and comfort of the older person. There are times when medical personnel may fail to meet adequate care needs, resulting in injury or even death of a loved one. An out-of-state family found themselves in such a situation when they lost one of their elder family members, leading them to pursue a wrongful death suit.

The incident happened when a 75-year-old woman was being cared for at a rehabilitation center. She had previously been at a hospital where doctors inserted a tube into her neck for the purpose of administering medicine and nutrients. While at the rehab center, her doctor requested that the feeding tube be removed, which a nurse attempted to do. The nurse assumed that a particular procedure for removing a less-complicated tube would suffice, but was unaware that this type of tube required a different process for removal. The tube was improperly removed and though the woman was taken to a hospital for emergency treatment, she died.

Her family made the decision to file a civil claim against the rehab center, who did not admit any wrongdoing but made the decision to settle. Those who represented the family argued that the errors of the nurse and other staff directly caused the woman’s death. They will be able to use the settlement amount to pay any costs they may have incurred because of her death.

If any families here in Connecticut find themselves in a similar situation, filing a wrongful death suit as this family did may be the best choice. Any financial gain could be used towards unpaid medical costs, funeral expenses and other bills. This tragedy can never be reversed, but there are ways for the family to seek justice.

Source: Roanoke Times, “Richfield Recovery and Care Center pays out settlement over death“, Laurence Hammack, March 24, 2014

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