Wrongful Death Suit Filed in Connection to Elderly Woman’s Death

Many families right here in Connecticut must make the difficult decision of how to best care for elderly family members. Though many would welcome the older person into their home, it is not always the best solution for everyone involved. Some turn to nursing home facilities to care for aging loved ones. One woman from out of state entrusted a nursing care facility with the responsibility of attending to her mother and she now alleges that the facility caused her mother’s wrongful death.

The mother was living at the care facility when her daughter says she noticed swelling in her mother’s knee. An ultrasound was ordered and completed about a week later, with the diagnosis being a blot clot. Medication was prescribed and doctors ordered that the mother have tests done every few days to check her blood. The daughter says that these checks stopped occurring and she saw that her mother was showing signs of internal bleeding when she made her next visit. The mother passed away after experiencing kidney failure.

Though nurses and other attendants noticed signs of internal bleeding, the daughter alleges that they did not administer proper treatment. She claims that if they had, her mother could still be alive. She has now filed a civil suit against the care facility and certain employees there that is still pending.

Though this case occurred out of state, Connecticut families can learn from this woman’s tragedy. If a loved one passes away due to a medical professional or facility’s inadequate care, a wrongful death suit may be a way to gain monetary compensation. Such monies could be used for unpaid medical bills, funeral expenses and any other costs that resulted from the death of the family member. It may be the way to help a family seek closure and try to move on with their lives.

Source: blog.al.com, “Lawsuit says Huntsville nursing facility’s care failures led to woman’s death“, Brian Lawson, April 1, 014

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