Young Doctor Dies After Failure to Diagnose

Most Connecticut residents do not have extensive medical knowledge to draw from when they are unwell. They must rely on physicians and other health care professionals for guidance in diagnosis and treatments. Even when patients do have the medical know-how to tell them that something is wrong, they still need the expertise of another industry professional for treatment. That expertise is not infallible, unfortunately. An out-of-state woman who had recently become a doctor lost her life due to other doctors’ failure to diagnose her condition.

The young woman went to the hospital complaining of headaches that had lasted for several days and excess bruising. She was admitted, given pain medication and underwent several tests, but she never had a CT scan or saw a neurologist until almost two days had passed. She was suffering from a blood clot that doctors likely would have found had they utilized either of those options. She ultimately experienced cerebral hemorrhaging and passed away from her condition.

Her family is now pursuing a medical malpractice claim, naming the hospital and its health system in the suit. The damages they seek have not been specified. Attorneys for the family say that — had the hospital followed proper procedure — the young woman would likely have been properly diagnosed, and more effective treatment could have been administered. They also allege that her condition should not have been difficult to determine. Of course, it is all too little too late to her family who is left behind.

The young woman in this case had a bright future ahead of her. Her goal was to become a pediatrician but, sadly, she died in the hospital where she was to complete her residency. If a person here in Connecticut found him or herself in a similar situation, pursuing a civil claim of medical malpractice may be the best option. A family of a victim could use any financial restitution to pay outstanding medical costs or even ease their own pain and suffering from their loss. No one should have to suffer the misfortune of a health care professional’s failure to diagnose, and there are ways to seek justice.

Source:, Lawsuit: Negligence in death of young doctor, Bob Kalinowski, Jan. 9, 2014

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